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Enrich players' lives by creating memorable and meaningful gaming experiences

Ubisoft’s story begins with a family. The five Guillemot brothers, who saw an opportunity in the growing software development business, founded Ubisoft in 1986 to create and distribute video games around the world. Starting from its first releases like Zombi for the home computer, to the hit 90s platformer Rayman, Ubisoft’s early creative spirit paved the way for its future.

As our industry continues to grow in exciting new ways, we’ll continue creating unforgettable games for our players around the world – and we’re not stopping there. We’re always seeking new ways to bring surprising new experiences to the world of entertainment. Ubisoft has already expanded beyond games into the realm of film, television, comic books, and so much more, and we can’t wait to share what we’re building with you all. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.

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2 Rue du Chêne Heleuc, 56910 Carentoir Cedex 2 – France

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Jan. 1, 1996

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Euronext Paris



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