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Set-up in Cesena (Italy) in 1957 by Davide Trevisani, Trevi Group is actually controlled by CDP Equity Investimenti S.p.a and Polaris Capital Management LLC.

The Trevi Group is a world leader in the field of underground engineering from A to Z (special foundations, soil consolidation, recovery of polluted sites), in the design and marketing of specialized technologies in the sector.

Internationalization, integration and the continuous exchange between its two divisions are among the reasons for the success of the Trevi Group: Trevi, which carries out special foundations and soil consolidation works for large infrastructure projects (subways, dams, ports and docks, bridges, railway and highway lines, industrial and civil buildings), secures polluted sites, builds and manages underground and automated car parks and Soilmec, which designs, manufactures and markets machinery, systems and services for underground engineering.

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July 1, 1999

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Borsa Italiana



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