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About The House of Agriculture Spirou S.A.

Company Description

The House of Agriculture Spirou SA is a Greece-based company active in agricultural technology field. Its main activities are the production and distribution of advanced technology varieties and hybrids of seeds and seedlings, and the trade of plant breeding materials to professional farmers. The Company is engaged in the production and trade of field crops seeds, including cotton, corn and melon; vegetable seeds and seedlings such as cucumber, tomato and eggplant; organic fertilizers, and hobby gardening seeds. It is also engaged in research and development activities through a network of internal and cooperative breeders, and research institutes to ensure a wide genetic basin and wide adaptability of its products in various climates. It also deals with landscaping and the trade of agricultural equipment and services. The Company’s subsidiaries are: The House of Agriculture Spirou International SA, Alchema SA, Golden West Seed Hellas SA and Spirou Agrosciences Ltd in Cyprus.

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July 28, 1997

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Athens Stock Exchange



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