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We are a major operator of energy transport networks, and represent a reality of Italian excellence, with more than 5,000 professionals engaged daily in the security of the national electricity system.
We manage Italy's national high- and extra-high-voltage electricity transmission grid, with around 75,000 km of lines, and ensure its safety, quality and cost-effectiveness over time, balancing electricity supply and demand 24 hours a day.

We pursue grid development, increasing operational efficiency and integration with the European grid. We work every day to build a climate of dialogue and trust in the territories, where we bring an essential commodity: electricity.

Our position gives us a long-term view of energy systems and places us in a leading role in enabling the transition to more efficient and environmentally friendly modes of production, spurring us to develop high-tech solutions and modernise the grid to connect multiple producers and consumers.

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Viale Egidio Galbani 70, 156 Roma – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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