About Technical Olympic S.A.

Company Description

Technical Olympic Group is currently the leader in its business sectors and one of the most powerful groups of companies in Greece. With over 40 years of successful growth and an extremely wide range of activities in Greece and abroad, the Group is beginning each year with an ambitious and growth orientated spirit that motivates its every move.

The Group is active in the fields of homebuilding, construction of public and private projects, tourism, wind power, construction and operation of marinas and real estate development through different companies. Each field of activity is a strong and significant part of an organised and solid group that is methodically and confidently moving forward. The 30 companies of the Group cover different fields of activity in Greece and abroad giving Technical Olympic the opportunity to set business goals on an international level.

Year founded


Served area


Shareholder information

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April 6, 1994

Stock exchange(s)

Athens Stock Exchange



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