About Swiss Prime Site AG

Company Description

Swiss Prime Site AG is a listed real estate company in Switzerland. The fair value of the real estate under management is around CHF 19 billion. The portfolio of the company's own real estate has a value of around CHF 13 billion and consists primarily of commercial and retail properties in the most important Swiss metropolitan regions of the Central Plateau. In addition to the real estate investments, the Group companies Wincasa, Swiss Prime Site Solutions and Jelmoli make up the Services segment.

The business segment consists of the core business of real estate investments and Wincasa AG, a Swiss provider of real estate services. The investment focus in real estate is on investment in facilities, mainly with commercially used areas, as well as focus placed on project development.

Year founded


Served area





Frohburgstrasse 1, 4601 Olten – Switzerland

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2009

Stock exchange(s)

SIX Swiss Exchange



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