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Suedwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG, headquartered in Heilbronn, is the parent company of the SWS Group and employs a total of around 1,000 people at all its sites in the Salt, Waste Management, Logistics and Tourism business segments.
At the Heilbronn rock salt mine, the largest in Western Europe, salt has been extracted from salt layers up to 50 meters thick for over 125 years. The Berchtesgaden salt mine, which belongs to the company, has a long tradition of extracting rock salt by the so-called "wet mining method" since 1517.
In addition, the raw material is also used for the company's own evaporated salt production at the Bad Friedrichshall salt works. This salt works has a capacity of around 180,000 tons per year. A variety of evaporated salt products are produced in various refining steps.

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Salzgrund 67, 74076 Heilbronn – Germany

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Jan. 1, 1971

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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