About Streit Mécanique S.A

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STREIT Groupe specializes in the machining, assembly and co-development of mechanical components, most of are made out of cast iron, aluminium or steel made from raw materials produced by foundries and forges. It began as a family-run company founded in 1968 in the east of France and is now a subsidiary of the Taiwanese foundry holding company, Mei Ta Group.

STREIT Groupe’s added value is its capacity to provide its customers with high quality, global solutions, starting from the initial concept through the production phase and right up to final delivery. In order to fully satisfy our customers, we strive to continually improve their performance and competitiveness and to foster innovation. STREIT Groupe’s industrial know-how enables it to adapt to and undertake either small- or large-scale production of parts.

Year founded


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21 Avenue Gaston Renaud, 25340 Pays de Clerval – France

Shareholder information

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July 2, 2013

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Paris



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