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STEICO SE is a system provider for ecological building materials and as such operates in the areas of insulation and construction. The core business includes the production and sale of fiber products based on renewable raw materials. In addition to the core business of wood fiber insulating materials, the product range includes web beams as structural building elements as well as laminated veneer lumber as merchandise. The range is therefore divided into the three product categories of wood-fiber insulating materials, hard-fiber boards (NFB - Natural Fibre Boards), and web beams. In addition, STEICO is active in the wood trade and offers complementary services. Historically, STEICO is also involved in the wholesale trade in, among other things, sawn timber and glued laminated timber boards. The products are used in new construction as well as in the renovation of roofs, walls, ceilings, floors and facades.

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Otto-Lilienthal-Ring 30, 85622 Feldkirchen – Germany

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Jan. 1, 2007

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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