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In the deep, clean fjords along the Stad peninsula, Statt Torsk will forge a new frontier for Norwegian aquaculture by farming cod. We will lead the way in developing a new, sustainable industry based on selling high-quality products to markets in Norway and the world.

Statt Torsk is a Norwegian producer of farmed cod, based on Stad by Vanylvsfjorden in the county of Vestland. The seas around Stad provide ideal conditions for cod farming. The people here have a rich heritage linked to the sea and fish, possessing the necessary knowledge and traditions of aquaculture and fishing.

Stad is a peninsula that juts out into the ocean. We have put down anchor in a good location on the north side of the peninsula. All of our activities in the coming years will be based in the surrounding areas.

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April 23, 2021

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Euronext Oslo



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