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S.S. Lazio is one of the oldest football clubs in Italy and Europe. The Clubs has moral standards, such as loyalty, fair play and sportsmanship.

With extreme pride all Lazio fans remember that in 1921, by Royal Decree, was nominated “Ente Morale” and that with its 63 disciplines is the largest Sports Club in Europe.

Società Sportiva Lazio is a Sports Club founded on the 9th of January 1900 at Piazza delle Libertà, Rome. Imagined by Luigi Bigiarelli and another eight young athletes as a running association, it has seen an increase of its practiced sports, including a football section. The founders choose white and blue as colors of the team in honor of Greece, homeland of the first modern Olympic Games, and as emblem they chose the symbol of the Roman Legions: the Eagle.

On the 19th of July 2004 Mr.Claudio Lotito became the New President of S.S.Lazio.

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Via di Santa Cornelia 1000, 60 Formello – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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