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Building on a hundred years of experience, the EPC Group has developed various innovative processes in the area of creation and use of explosives: dynamite, ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO), water gel explosives, emulsion explosives, etc. As early as the 1950’s, we pride ourselves to have been the first internationally to file a patent on ANFO. EPC Groupe has also been a forerunner in developing and using mobile bulk explosives manufacturing units for underground and tunneling work.

Our motto, CONCENTRATED ENERGY®, is the very essence of modern industrial explosives, which requires precision, care and the highest standards of quality and safety in all we do, whether this is carrying out controlled explosions for our quarrying and mining or demolition activities. Above all, CONCENTRATED ENERGY® describes EPC’s spirit which, for 125 years has allowed the EPC Groupe to maintain its high level of safety, expertise, control and independence.

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Tour Initiale 1 Terrasse Bellini, 92935 Paris la Défense Cedex – France

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March 30, 1999

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Euronext Paris



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