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When it comes to signs for roads and in the city, our focus is on mobility, with a range of street furniture. At Girod Group, our aim is to lead the way, to keep people safe and to make life easier for users of public spaces across the world.

The roads of tomorrow are being built today

In the past, the purpose of roads was to provide transport routes. In the future, with the advent of so-called 5th generation roads, these infrastructures will become an essential part of the development of new uses as transport undergoes its revolution. Girod Group can provide you with all-encompassing solutions for transport that are in keeping with new ways of travelling and road uses: the development of self-driving vehicles, bicycles and dedicated infrastructure, car sharing, etc.

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881 Route des Fontaines, 39400 Bellefontaine – France

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June 18, 2021

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Euronext Paris



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