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Apranga Group

ISIN: LT0000102337 | Ticker: APG1L | Lithuania


ISIN: IT0005524423 | Ticker: ELG | Italy

elumeo SE

ISIN: DE000A11Q059 | Ticker: ELB | Germany

Groupe JAJ

ISIN: FR0004010338 | Ticker: GJAJ | France

Lanakam S.A.

ISIN: GRS047063003 | Ticker: LANAC | Greece


ISIN: IT0005043507 | Ticker: OVS | Italy

Take Off

ISIN: IT0005467425 | Ticker: TKO | Italy

Tekstilpromet d.d.

ISIN: HRTKPRRA0000 | Ticker: TKPR | Croatia

Wolford AG

ISIN: AT0000834007 | Ticker: WOL | Austria


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