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Burckhardt Compression Holding AG

ISIN: CH0025536027 | Ticker: BCHN | Switzerland

Byggma Group

ISIN: NO0003087603 | Ticker: BMA | Norway

Bystronic AG

ISIN: CH0244017502 | Ticker: BYS | Switzerland

Cargotec Oyj

ISIN: FI0009013429 | Ticker: CGCBV | Finland

Cemacon S.A.

ISIN: ROCEONACNOR0 | Ticker: CEON | Romania

Cerinnov Group

ISIN: FR0013178712 | Ticker: ALPCV | France

Christian Berner Tech Trade

ISIN: SE0006143129 | Ticker: CBTT | Sweden

Cofidur SA

ISIN: FR0013257409 | Ticker: ALCOF | France

Colt CZ Group SE

ISIN: CZ0009008942 | Ticker: CZG | Czech Republic

Comelf S.A.

ISIN: ROCMBFACNOR6 | Ticker: CMF | Romania

Comer Industries

ISIN: IT0005246191 | Ticker: COM | Italy

Componenta Oyj

ISIN: FI4000476783 | Ticker: CTH1V | Finland


ISIN: SE0003950864 | Ticker: COIC | Sweden

CTT Systems

ISIN: SE0000418923 | Ticker: CTT | Sweden

Danieli & C

ISIN: IT0000076502 | Ticker: DAN | Italy


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