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Quality & Responsibility have made Saga Furs® the most trusted brand in the fur and fashion industries. Branded Saga Furs® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon are sold through the Saga Furs auction house near Helsinki, Finland.

Deeply rooted in Nordic heritage, culture and values, all Saga Furs pelts come from strictly regulated European farms. Saga Furs Design Centre is devoted to developing new applications for fur and sharing know-how with the world of design.

Consumers choose Saga Furs because they know they are getting the best -- the best quality fur produced by the best practices in fur breeding. Saga Furs is the vital link between responsible sources of fur and the creators of fashion.

Saga Furs® is a registered trademark of the Saga Furs Oyj corporation.


Martinkyläntie 48, 1601 Vantaa – Finland

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Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Helsinki



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