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ISIN: LU0564351582 | Ticker: SGR | LEI: 2221002KWND4918PTM09

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Sadovaya Group S.A. is a Ukrainian coal mining company that was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Alchevsk , Ukraine. The company specializes in the extraction, processing, and sale of coal, coke, and other related products and materials. Sadovaya Group S.A. has several mining facilities and operations in Ukraine, and is one of the largest coal producers in the country. The company has been mentioned in relation to its stock price, performance, and financials, with information available on its annual reports, press releases, and analyst ratings. Additionally, the company has been suspended and removed from the GPW Main Market in Poland. Overall, Sadovaya Group S.A. is a coal mining company that is dedicated to providing high-quality coal products and services to its customers in Ukraine and abroad.

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13, rue Joseph Junck, 1839 Luxembourg – Luxembourg

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Dec. 1, 2010

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Warsaw Stock Exchange



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