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Since 1992, Rovsing A/S is a recognised supplier of Satellite Test Systems and Products (EGSE), Software Solutions, and On-site Engineering Support to the European and US space market. Rovsing A/S Power and Functional EGSE Systems include proprietary hardware products such as Rovsingโ€™s Solar Array Simulator, Second Level Protection unit, Latch Current Limiter, SpaceWire Controller, Discrete Interface simulator and an associated Controller Software suite.
Rovsing A/S also has the capability in providing Independent Software Validation & Verification services (ISVV) up to safety-critical (Class A) on-board platform and instrument software.

Year founded



Ejby Industrivej 34-38, 2600 Glostrup โ€“ Denmark

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Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Copenhagen



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