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ISIN: RU0009034490
Country: Russia

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Company Description

Rosseti LenEnergo is a Russian energy company that operates in the northwestern region of Russia, including the cities of St. Petersburg and Leningrad. The company specializes in the distribution and management of electricity, with a focus on improving Russia's energy infrastructure and ensuring reliable access to electricity for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Rosseti LenEnergo, is a part of the larger Rosseti Group, which is Russia's largest utilities company. The company has a vast network of power lines and distribution networks, spanning across the region and providing electricity to millions of customers.

In addition to its core business of electricity distribution, Rosseti LenEnergo also offers a range of services, including metering and billing, consulting and troubleshooting, and energy efficiency programs aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing energy consumption.


Gakkelevskaya Street 21A, 197227 Saint Petersburg – Russia

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