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ISIN: IT0005549354 | Ticker: RFLTC | LEI: 815600C09F4D68755E14
Country: Italy

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Redfish Long-term Capital is a private investment firm that specializes in long-term investments in established companies. With a focus on value creation and strong partnerships, Redfish has gained a reputation for success in identifying undervalued businesses and nurturing them to long-term growth.

Founded in 2007, the company's investment strategy is built upon fundamental analysis of the financial markets, future growth potential, and management quality of the businesses they invest in. Redfish focuses on building long-term partnerships with promising companies to help achieve their goals while generating value for their investors.

Redfish's investment portfolio comprises a diverse range of companies across multiple industries, including energy, telecoms, and technology. Their in-depth market knowledge and focus on fundamental analysis enable them to deliver above-average returns for their investors even in volatile market conditions.

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Via del Carmine 11, 20121 Milano – Italy

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