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ISIN: PLREDAN00019 | Ticker: RDN | LEI: 259400D7GS704OJ9VA91

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The Redan company was established in 1995 in Łódź. From the very beginning, he has been operating in the clothing industry. Currently, he focuses on servicing the Top Secret fashion brand. It mainly conducts logistics operations for its benefit (purchase of goods from suppliers, storage in the warehouse, customs clearance, packaging before shipment to stores or customers, etc.) and sells outside Poland. It also provides services such as in the field of IT, financial management and HR.

Based on its competencies, Redan diversifies its operations. It offers external entities full service in the field of logistics and ultimately also IT services.

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Żniwna 10/14, 94-250 Łódź – Poland

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Dec. 1, 2003

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Warsaw Stock Exchange

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