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Readcrest Capital AG emerged from Business Media China AG (BMC) - a company whose focus was on outdoor advertising and the organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions. BMC initially held successful trade fairs in various fields - for example in cosmetics or opto-electronics - from 2005 onwards. In addition, BMC developed an outdoor advertising division that rented out advertising space at Chinese airports and railway stations.

In the course of a realignment of BMC in 2009 and 2010, the trade fairs were sold and the outdoor advertising business was discontinued due to the difficult economic conditions.

Another milestone was the entry of Golden Tiger Investment Ltd (GTI) as BMC's main shareholder. Since then, the aim has been to build up a consulting and brokerage company in the energy sector that allows Western companies to participate in the great growth potential of the Chinese market. The renaming of the company to Enerxy AG indicates this orientation.

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Schopenstehl 22, 20095 Hamburg – Germany

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Oct. 12, 1999

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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