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ISIN: IT0005305443 | Ticker: PSA | LEI: 81560085446E4A223993
Country: Italy

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The name Portale Sardegna is evocative: a portal, a starting point. A gateway with great symbolic value: to facilitate the attainment of new experiences and knowledge. Often a journey is made up of 'magic passages'.

We want to be this magic gateway, a tool to connect to the heart of the destination. This important gateway needs skills and quality, but also experienced and passionate guides. A community of people working for this purpose together: the Portale Sardegna team, the partners, the suppliers, the local players.

Portale Sardegna today is an Incoming Tour Operator, but it is also an On Line Travel Agency, a traditional Travel Agency and a "Territorial Hub" that encourages collaboration to create the ideal travel experience.

We are a "glocal" reality: a global and local company at the same time, attentive to international development but strongly connected to the territory.

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Via Salvatore Mannironi 55, 8100 Sardegna – Italy

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