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The Desjoyaux family has been designing and producing swimming pools in its production unit in Saint-Étienne since 1966. Our site has constantly evolved over the years to become a manufacturing base that is unique worldwide. We have 45,000 m2 of factory floor space in which the various components of our swimming pools are manufactured. From the very beginning, Desjoyaux has based its policy on industrialized and controlled local production, guaranteeing an irreproachable and constant level of quality.

Desjoyaux creates swimming pools that are easy to install and care for, providing happiness for many families. A pool that allows you to be on holiday at home, a pool to enjoy in a 1001 different ways, at any time of the day or year.

Desjoyaux’s expertise represents an innovative spirit, a unique and powerful network, guarantees of a safe project and many other things. Discover all the reasons to choose Desjoyaux.

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La Gouyonnière 42 Avenue Benoît Fourneyron, 42480 La Fouillouse – France

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Dec. 3, 2010

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Euronext Paris



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