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It is a major step forward for humanity to moderate and in some cases eliminate our dependence on fossil energies by utilizing other, alternative energy resources, such as geothermal heat. PannErgy is committed to the energy-related exploitation of one of Europe’s largest active geothermal water resources. With environment-sparing investments, our company is able to set geothermal heat to serve households and industrial users in the long run, thereby achieving considerable reduction in energy expenses.

By replacing fossil fuels that are imported from abroad, PannErgy’s investments will significantly contribute to the reduction of geopolitical uncertainty, strengthening Hungary’s energy independence.

In order to protect surface waters and ground water at the same time to ensure the long-term sustainability of the geothermal system, PannErgy considers it essential that all extracted geothermal fluids are reinjected.

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Budafoki út 56, 1117 Budapest – Hungary

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June 13, 1994

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Budapest Stock Exchange



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