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ISIN: GB0006667470 | Ticker: PHI | LEI: VLGEI9B8R0REWKB0LN95
Country: United Kingdom

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Company Description

Pacific Horizon Investment Trust PLC is a UK-based investment trust that focuses on investing in the Asia Pacific region. The trust seeks to provide long-term capital growth by investing in companies that demonstrate sustainable competitive advantages and have strong growth potential.

Pacific Horizon Investment Trust PLC aims to diversify its portfolio across various industries, focusing on companies with high earnings potential and stable financials. The trust's investment approach is highly research-driven, with an experienced team conducting in-depth analysis of each potential investment opportunity.

Pacific Horizon Investment Trust PLC's portfolio includes companies in the technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and financial services sectors, among others. The trust's investment style is to hold a concentrated portfolio of around 30-40 high-quality companies, with a long-term investment horizon of five years or more.

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Calton Square, 1 Greenside Row, EH1 3AN Edinburgh – United Kingdom

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