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Orzeł Biały is the market leader of refined lead producers in Poland and the largest company specializing in the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries and accumulators. The primary source of the Company’s revenue is the sale of refined lead and lead alloys obtained from the recycling of waste batteries and other lead-bearing waste. Orzeł Biały delivers its products to largest battery making companies, with batteries and accumulators supplied mainly to the automotive industry. Refined lead and lead alloys produced by the company are sold both domestically and abroad. Located at Piekary Śląskie, the factory the expansion of which was completed in 2014 with added advanced Research and Development Centre and a new battery scrap treatment facility, led to the integration of the entire plant at one site, thus generating possible synergies. Orzeł Biały operates one of the most modern and environmentally friendly installations in Europe.

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Harcerska 23, 41-946 Piekary Śląskie – Poland

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Nov. 1, 2007

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Warsaw Stock Exchange



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