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OnlineFormapro is the only provider in France offering a global solution LMS, authoring tools platform, collaborative platform, WebConf, Blog, training modules shelves and specific development.

All built according to the original concept, the learning grain and respecting the two global standards AICC and SCORM.

Composed of a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals: experts in pedagogy, computer developers, multimedia engineers and tutors whose common ambition is to demonstrate that New Technologies cancel the distances and are at the service of pedagogy.

Interactive and innovative content, competitive development costs
From the very beginning, OnlineFormapro has chosen to develop a completely Web-oriented software, based on a specific technology and fully integrating multimedia.
The experience and methods of the team allow to produce modules (animated, interactive), of low weight and at very competitive costs.

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19 Rue du Praley espace de la motte, 70000 Vesoul – France

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Oct. 3, 2011

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Euronext Paris



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