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NETWEEK S.p.A., formerly known as DMAIL GROUP S.p.A., is a joint-stock company listed on the primary telematic market of the Italian Stock Exchange.

After going through a turbulent period, due on the one hand to the crisis that affected the media sector and, on the other hand, to the consolidation process that involved the 'impulse buying' sector, over the last three years the company has redesigned its business model, concentrating its skills in the local media area to intercept those communication needs still unsatisfied by many operators and divesting the media-commerce area to which the direct and remote sales activities known to the public as 'useful and unobtainable objects' belonged.

In order to allow for an orderly restructuring process, the Company applied to the Court of Milan for an arrangement with creditors in continuity in April 2015, which was subsequently approved in May 2016 and executed in December 2016 thanks to a substantial capital increase of over Euro 16m.


Via Campi 29/L, 23807 Merate – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Italiana



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