About Naturhouse Health S.A.

Company Description

Naturhouse Health, S.A. was established in 1991 and leads a business group working in the nutrition and weight management industry with its own exclusive business model based on the “Naturhouse Method”, which combines the sale of food supplements with free specialist advice.

Naturhouse’s mission is to re-educate clients about their eating habits in order to help them reach their target weight (“healthy weight”) and show them how to maintain it.

Our business model is based on our own, distinctive method – the “Naturhouse Method”. This approach combines the sale of food supplements with free personalised advice and monitoring from a qualified specialist.

The “Naturhouse Method” is exclusively applied in Naturhouse centres, whether through directly-operated stores (DOS) or franchises. DOS are those managed by the company with its own staff and they tend to be the laboratories for new ideas to be shared with other Group establishments.

Year founded


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CL Botanica 57, 8908 Hospitalet – Spain


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April 22, 2015

Stock exchange(s)

Bolsa de Madrid



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