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Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A. is the holding company of a group of firms with an important position in the Italian market for the online comparison, promotion and intermediation of products provided by financial institutions and e-commerce operators (main websites www.mutuionline.it, www.prestitionline.it, www.segugio.it and www.trovaprezzi.it) and in the Italian market for the provision of complex business process outsourcing services for the financial and insurance sectors. Our vision is to be the most innovative financial services company capturing the opportunities stemming from the evolution of the underdeveloped Italian retail credit market, leveraging on technology, operational excellence, independency and superior execution.

Year founded


Served area



Via F. Casati 1/A, 20124 Milano – Italy

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



May 14, 2007

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Italiana



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