About Mon Perin d.d.

Company Description

The company Mon Perin d.o.o. is a tourist company established in 2005 in Bale/Valle in Croatia with a unique management model for this type of business. The original proposal, which today is a reality, was to create a company whose founders would be the inhabitants of Bale, the “friends of Bale”, the Bale municipality, and all those interested in the development of this region.

The Mon Perin Company was therefore founded by more than 900 shareholders (of which 400 are the inhabitants of this region) and by the Bale/Valle municipality, and they own the preference shares in the company.

“Go Local” is a new approach to development which represents the basis for Bale/Valle’s new ascent. Mon Perin's goal is to: discover, bring to life, use, and re-evaluate the local resources and the potential of its region, which spent too much time outside of the state’s economic flows.

Year founded


Served area



Trg La Musa 2, 52211 Bale – Croatia

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



March 28, 2022

Stock exchange(s)

Zagreb Stock Exchange



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