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The reputation of MOLDASIG S.A., for almost two decades, is supported by the trust of the insured as well as by the assiduous work of the professional team. Advantageous insurance products, as well as diligent service, have made MOLDASIG the undisputed leader of the insurance market. We build and develop our company on the basis of our immutable values โ€‹โ€‹- promptness of payment, high degree of liquidity of assets, responsible attitude towards risk and efficiency of reinsurance services.

We are close to every client, at any time and in any location, both in Moldova and abroad. MOLDASIG currently operates more than 100 modern offices, combined in a single network, to serve customers. The more than 30 insurance products in the company's portfolio offer the opportunity to insure absolutely everything that is most precious and important in the business and private life of our customers.

Year founded


Served area

Republica Moldova


Str. Petru Rareศ™ 77, 2005 ChiลŸinฤƒu โ€“ Moldova

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April 2, 2012

Stock exchange(s)

Moldova Stock Exchange



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