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Mit SIM SpA is an Italy-based company specialized in the provision of investment services, particularly initial pubic offering (IPO), with a focus on small and medium enterprises (SME). The Company provides independent negotiation, placement, reception and transmission of orders. It operates through four business areas: Specialist, Placement, Equity Research, Reception and Transmission of Orders (RTO). In the business area Specialist, the Company act as an intermediary with market making functions. The business area Placement provides coordination and placement of financial instruments in the IPO phase, additionally, the Company acts as the issuer's interface with institutional and professional investors. The business area Equity Research provides third party stock works and analysis. Through the business area RTO, the Company operates as a direct counterpart to all Italian and foreign markets.

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Corso Venezia 16, 20121 Milano – Italy

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Dec. 22, 2020

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Italiana



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