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ISIN: ES0105707006 | Ticker: YMCS | LEI: 959800VSK6Q3VLUD0288
Country: Spain

About Miciso Real Estate Socimi S.A.

Company Description

Miciso Real Estate Socimi S.A is a Spanish-based real estate investment trust that invests primarily in residential properties . The company operates in Spain and is listed on the Euronext Growth Lisbon stock exchange, where its share price and financials are regularly reported. Miciso Real Estate aims to acquire, manage and create homes for people in Spain and also offers real estate services to help clients maximize their asset value. The company has been active in the real estate sector for several years and has a diversified portfolio of properties. Miciso Real Estate has been mentioned in relation to its stock price, performance, and financials. Overall, Miciso Real Estate Socimi S.A is a real estate investment trust that aims to provide quality housing in Spain while delivering value to clients .

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Habana 74, 28036 Madrid – Spain

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