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MeglioQuesto is a Phygital Analytic Company operating in the customer experience sector with a multi-channel offer aimed at top tier customers in the telco, multiutility, finance and insurance sectors. MeglioQuesto is a market leader, with its articulated multi-channel offer based on customised solutions for the acquisition and management of relationships with end consumers. The Group operates along the following business lines: "Customer acquisition", with a focus on all services aimed at increasing and developing companies' customer base through activities designed for the acquisition of new end customers or through up-selling and cross-selling activities on already active users; "Customer management", with a focus on customer care services and, in particular, on all services relating to the management of relations between the Company and end customers, including phone, sales and technical assistance services, file management and back office activities.

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June 24, 2021

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Borsa Italiana



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