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The company Makstil AD Skopje was established in 1997 from the restructuration of the Government owned "Rudnici i Železarnica Skopje" (Mines and Iron & Steelworks Skopje) which started its operations in 1967.

In May 1996, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, as the majority stockholder, started seeking potential buyers for the facility as part of its privatization program and in March 1997, Duferco started its investment in Makstil, one of the 10 separate entities.

Since 2016, Duferco International Trading Holding has new shareholding structure as a result of the latest acquisition. DITH’s trading and distribution network in Lugano is responsible for approximately 80% of the steel sales into the regional EU markets but also in other markets such as the USA, Canada, Middle East and North Africa.

Makstil’s onsite marketing team in Skopje manages the direct domestic sales including: Turkey, Romania and Balkan countries.

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Ul. 16-ta Makedonska brigada br. 18, 1000 Skopje – North Macedonia

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Macedonian Stock Exchange



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