About Maisons du Monde

Company Description

Everything started in Brest more than 20 years ago. Xavier Marie, a creative visionary, decided to form Maisons du Monde, a home decoration and furnishing store inspired by influences from around the world.

The first 4 stores opened in France - in Bordeaux, Lyon, Quimper and Vichy.

The headquarters then moved to Nantes and everything took off from there, writing a story of growth.

Maisons du Monde has a cleverly developed business model based on key factors which make us unique.

Our promise:

To be a decor brand characterised by openness and dialogue, uniting communities around desirable and sustainable lifestyles. We want to give our communities a voice so that everyone can find their place and come together. We offer products, atmospheres and standards that are rooted in our customers' daily lives, while bringing them new and ever more inspiring possibilities.

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Le Portereau Route du Port Aux Meules, 44120 Vertou – France

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May 27, 2016

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Paris



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