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The foundations of Investeringsselskabet Luxor A/S were laid in 1973, when a number of private investors founded the limited partnership Luxor K/S. The purpose of the foundation was to take over I/S Metalvarefabriken Luxor.

The objective of the investor group was to make investments in active business enterprises. The company was subsequently given the opportunity to invest in several companies, but after carrying out the necessary research, these were not considered sufficiently interesting. Moreover, interest rates were high in those years, with government bonds yielding an effective interest rate of around 22%.

In 2000/01, the company chose corporate bonds as its fourth activity. The bond portfolio has been built up gradually and after careful evaluation of the individual securities.

The company's activities now consist of mortgages, bonds and real estate.

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Nørresøgade 11, 1370 Copenhagen – Denmark

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Nasdaq Copenhagen



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