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Country: Sweden

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Johan Willins gata 6, 416 48 Gothenburg – Sweden

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
11.12.23 Robert Larsson Other Sell SEK 192,934.00
04.12.23 Magnus Thousgaard Terrvik Other Sell SEK 11,748,000.00
04.12.23 ALEXANDER HELLSTRÖM Other Sell SEK 10,692,000.00
08.12.22 Nicolas Hassbjer Other Buy SEK 3,000,000.00
08.12.22 ALEXANDER HELLSTRÖM Other Buy SEK 1,620,000.00
08.12.22 Magnus Terrvik Other Buy SEK 1,500,000.00
08.12.22 Sabina Nissas Lindén Other Buy SEK 300,000.00
08.12.22 Susanne Gerdin Other Buy SEK 182,400.00
08.12.22 Magnus Holm Other Buy SEK 151,200.00
08.12.22 Nicolas Hassbjer Other Buy SEK 144,000.00

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