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Company Description

The Obalno-Kraška (Coastal-Karst) region is one of the smallest regions in Slovenia in terms of size and among the most developed in terms of economic conditions. Luka Koper is a public limited company, whose activity leaves an impact on the development of the Obalno-Kraška region, giving it a positive and dynamic economic pulse.

The company Luka Koper provides port and logistics services in the port of Koper. The core business of the port comprises the handling and warehousing of a variety of goods, supplemented by a
range of services on goods and other services, providing customers with comprehensive logistic support.

Luka Koper has set itself an ambitious objective to meet the needs of its customers, owners and employees, all at the same time. By achieving the development goals of the port, Luka Koper is reinforcing its competitive advantage.

Year founded


Served area



Vojkovo nabrežje 38, 6501 Koper – Slovenia

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Nov. 20, 1996

Stock exchange(s)

Ljubljana Stock Exchange



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