About Leptos Calypso Hotels Public LTD

Company Description

Leptos Calypso Hotels is a leading hotel chain operating in Cyprus and Greece. The companyโ€™s main areas of operation consist of the operation and management of various tourist projects such as Resort hotels, self catering apartments, mixed development units comprising of both hotel and apartments, villa developments, spas, restaurants and much more.

The company portfolio currently comprises of two 5-star hotels, two 3-star Hotel with self catering apartments and tourist villas in Paphos Cyprus, and a deluxe hotel in Chania, Crete. The company aims to bring together the elegance and charm of resort hotels and hospitality while preserving links with local architecture and cuisine.

Listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the company pursues continuous expansion in both Cyprus and Greece through the development of owned land for various hotel categories and other mixed-use developments.

Year founded


Served area

Cyprus + Greece


111 Apostolou Pavlou Ave., 8046 Pafos โ€“ Cyprus

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



March 29, 1996

Stock exchange(s)

Cyprus Stock Exchange



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