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LANSON-BCC is a group built around eight Maisons producing Champagne wines, created and led by Champagne families.

It unites together outstanding Maisons, renowned for their unique wines and benefiting from the effective fit between their customer segments. The combination of ancestral know-how and modern technical capabilities, creative independence and rational synergies enables each one of its Maisons to develop its performances, ensuring the LANSON-BCC Group’s sustainability.

• Champagne Lanson, prestigious Maison founded 1760, Reims, holder of a Royal Warrant since the time of Queen Victoria, 80% of Champagne sold on international markets.

• Champagne Chanoine Frères, Maison founded 1730, Reims, Champagne sold primarily for the European mass retail market, reputed above all for its attractive Tsarine cuvee.

Year founded


Served area



Allée du Vignoble, 51100 Reims – France

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



July 15, 2019

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Paris



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