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PI “Kristal 1923” AD Food Processing Industry in Veles has been a synonym for quality for over 90 years. Our products have a special place in every household in Macedonia. “Kristal” margarine and vegetable oil are two of our most distinct products, but we are equally proud in all the other products in our production range, including tahini halva, lokum (Turkish delight), jelly beans, spices, fig preserves, soybean products etc.

“PI Kristal 1923” AD Food Processing Industry AD Veles began its path of development in 1923 and operated as a vegetable oil factory until 1999 when it was transformed into a food processing industry due to its own wide range of food products.

Nowadays, PI “Kristal 1923” AD is a modern food processing factory where the entire production process takes place in a strictly controlled environment, which provides the best guarantee for the safety and quality of every product.

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Macedonian Stock Exchange



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