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The KRE.KA. S.A. company, with over 65 years tradition to vertical organized production and meat trade, constitutes one of the most important presences in the field of food in Greece. The production and disposal to the consumer of high quality – hygiene, eponymous certified meat compose its philosophy and stable orientation. With the modern productive and industrial facilities, its specialized staff, its organized commercial network and the excellent quality it offers, KRE.KA. S.A. has created a powerful β€œbrand” in the food sector.

The company has invested in the quality of its products, with the complete control of the productive procedure and the production of safe products, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008, ISO22000:2005, Total Quality Management QC100 models, in which it has been certified and continues to implement.

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Kinotita Pernis -Chrisoupoli, 64200 Kavala – Greece

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Dec. 5, 1994

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Athens Stock Exchange



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