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The Company´s history began in Zagreb with Union, a chocolate factory established in 1911. Nowadays, Kraš is a company that is run in a modern way, successfully adapting to market challenges. The parent’s operations are located in Zagreb and include the production of all three confectionery categories: chocolate, biscuits and wafers as well as candies.

Apart from the Zagreb-located factories, Kraš owns another two biscuit and wafer factories: Karolina Osijek, situated in Croatia, and Mira Prijedor, operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And it is through joining together that Kraš has achieved a strategic goal of significantly increasing its share in the regional biscuit and wafer market, thus fulfilling the prerequisites to generate stronger sales of this range in other export markets.

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Ravnice 48, 10000 Zagreb – Croatia

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July 25, 2003

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Zagreb Stock Exchange

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