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Country: Russia

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Joint-Stock Company Kosaya Gora Iron Works is a historic ironworks company that was established in the early eighteenth century. Located in the western part of Russia, the company is recognized for its remarkable contribution to the industrialization of the country. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 and was once considered one of the largest and most advanced metallurgical facilities in Russia.

The Kosaya Gora Iron Works company had a significant impact on the economy of Russia during its early years of operation. It played a crucial role in supporting the military and industrial needs of the country, producing a variety of goods such as cannonballs, horsecarts, and other essential products.

The workers of the Kosaya Gora Iron Works consisted of multiple ethnicities and nationalities, which further contributed to the cultural richness of the company.


Orlovskoe Road 4 , 300903 Kosaya Gora Village Tula – Russia

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