Korshunov Mining Plant PАО

ISIN: RU0002155359
Country: Russia

About Korshunov Mining Plant PАО

Company Description

Korshunov Mining Plant PАО is a mining company located in the Irkutsk region of Russia . Founded in 1963, it specializes in the exploration, extraction, and processing of iron ore. The plant has a capacity to produce 3.2 million tonnes of ore per year and employs a staff of over 2,000 people.

Korshunov Mining Plant PАО operates several open pit mines in the region , including the Korshunov and Rudnogorsk mines. The ore extracted from these mines is processed at the plant's crushing and grinding facilities, before being transported to the further processing facilities.

The company has implemented several environmental measures to minimize its impact on the surrounding area. These include the use of closed water supply systems, monitoring of air emissions, and minimizing the amount of waste generated.


Zheleznogorsk-Ilyimsky, Ivashchenko St., 9A/1, 665651  Irkutsk Oblast – Russia

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