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Key-Soft plc (Hungarian: Kulcs-Soft Nyrt.) is a public software company with more than 50.000 corporate clients, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Established in 1989, founded by Tibor Kulcsár. Key-Soft plc. develops and sells business management and accounting software applications. From 2011 the company distributes its products more than 50 countries worldwide. ^~Key-Soft has got a number of awards since its estamblishment. The company was honoured with the Business Superbrands award for six times, the HungarianBrands award for two times, the Best Employer and the Best Employer in IT honourable mentions for two times, and the Business Ethics Award in 2013.

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Mészáros utca 13, 1016 Budapest – Hungary

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Oct. 30, 2009

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Budapest Stock Exchange



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