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According to Greek Mythology Kekrops was the first king of Athens, half man and half snake, known for his wisdom.

KEKROPS S.A. was founded in 1923 with over 25 hectares of property in the area that is today called Palaio Psychiko. Just in 1924 KEKROPS S.A. initiated the first private urban plan and development in Greece, that was completed a few years later and resulted perhaps one of the most prominent and expensive suburbs of Athens.

Since then KEKROPS S.A. has concentrated in the development of housing projects on its own land in Palaio Psychiko, gathering an extensive and indeed unique experience and know-how in the high quality residential housing market.

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Dafnis Str. 6, 15452 Psychiko – Greece

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July 13, 1967

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Athens Stock Exchange



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